Saigon is most definitely a magical place for your taste buds. The street food here is diverse with specialties from the North to the South of Vietnam. Various dishes come from the flexible combination of fresh ingredients, delicious spices and processing methods, which varies between different regions. Join us on a tour and you will have the chance to dive into local life in bustling alleys packed with food vendors who have spent decades perfecting their special dishes, see the whole process of preparing a dish and experience Saigon’s history and culture through its foods.


Pick-up / Drop-off location: Your accommodation – or any demanded location within the city center that is convenient for you


Schedule time: (The schedule is flexible) 5PM – 9PM


Some highlights of our Food Tour: Crab soup, Vietnamese stuffed pancake (Bánh cuốn), Clear rice noodle (Hủ tíu), Sizzling cake (Bánh xèo), Bánh mì, sugarcane juice, peach tea, soya milk…

Recommended sites: Ho Thi Ky market, Nguyen Thien Thuat apartment… If you want your own tour, don’t hesitate to drop us your preferences. We will tailor and make your trip most memorable.


Fees: Free

  • ***You are only in need of covering all the transportation, meals and beverages for you and our guides. It’s approximately 150.000 VND to 250.000 VND for each tourist. Please prepare enough Vietnamese money before the tour.

Transportation: Taxi / Walking / Bus / Grab – ride hailing app


  • +If you are allergic to anything or have any special requirements, please inform us in advance.
  • +A great number of vendors are off on the 15th and the last day of each month in lunar calendar since many people go vegetarian for the day. We can miss out on many dishes on that day, so please take it into consideration before booking the tour on those days.
  • +The food choice is not so various for vegetarians and/or Muslims.
  • +All the food is street food, so there might be any sudden case occurs. However, we promise to exert ourselves to find the hygienic vendors for your safety.

TOP Reviews

Free local night street food tour

"We are a group of 8 friends who took up this tour and we had a blast. The guides were super friendly and accommodating. We had a lot of fun hopping from one sheet food to the next, tasting all the steet food goodies that were so cheap and tasty. cheap and tasty. If we were to go around ourselves, we would never had the opportunity to experience this. Definitely recommended!"


Excellent Night Food Tour

"Had a really great experience with super friendly and knowledgeable student tour guide, Ngan. Tried several street food, such as the very delicious Vietnam pizza, soup noodles and local snacks. Ngan even brought us to her personal favourite coconut smoothie shop which is beyond the Saigon hotpot tour route. Throughout the tour we also had chances to go near to the real life of the people and had a short walk around a typical local apartment. Unlike many free tour in other cities which ask for tips in the end of the tour, Saigon hotpot is really a non-profit organisation and totally FREE (of course, u got to pay for your own food and transport). Absolutely a wonderful experience. Highly recommended."

Will W

Great experience

"We had tour with two excellent young people, Nguyen and Ngoc, two great people who shared traditional street food with us, very informative and a pleasure to be with. If you want to try traditional Vietnamese street food this is a must, the cost was that we paid for the transport and food for the guides, very good prices away from the tourist spots where locals shop and eat."


Saigon Night Food tour

We went on a Night Food Tour with Minh Anh and Ha who were both wonderful; easy to talk to, very knowledgable about the culture and very informative and hospitable. The teenagers thoroughly enjoyed chatting and sharing their similar interests. The foods were delicious and their company made the evening spectacular! The Saigon Hotpot Night Food Tour is our best experience in Vietnam and we cherish the 2 young ladies' patience, enthusiasm and hospitality... As a family we are always appreciative of a hands-on local learning experience! Thank you.... Thank you.. Thank you for a wonderful Vietnamese evening! From the Prins family


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