“Never miss the impressive plethora of food if you are travelling to Vietnam”

 Food has always been known to reveal cultural values of a country, and the best way to experience a true vibe is to join our daily meal in local houses. This tour will open up a chance for you to learn new fantastic ways to cook a local meal.

The vision of the Traditional Meal Tour is to introduce the Vietnamese cuisine and family culture. Our cuisine is characterized by a brilliant diversified fusion of different ingredients and dynamic flavors, showing finest combinations of both tastes and colors. Moreover, you can also leave our fast-changing world behind and really enjoy decent homemade meals.


Pick-up / Drop-off location: Your accommodation – or any demanded location within the city center that is convenient for you

Schedule time: (The starting time is fixed)

  • +Half morning tour: 10AM – 1PM
  • +Half evening tour: 4PM – 8PM

What you may enjoy: Spring roll, Sour soup, Braised fish, Sizzling cake (Bánh xèo)…


Fees: (Transportation fees not included)

***For 1-person tour, the cost is 350,000VND

***From 2-4 people, the cost is 250,000VND/adult and 125,000VND/child (7-18 years old)

Transportation: Taxi / Bus / Grab – ride hailing app


  • + Number of people in the tour: less than 4 people, please inform us in advance so that we could prepare sufficient ingredients.
  • + Booking at least 7 days in advance is very much recommended.
  • + Booking day: from Monday to Sunday (prefer weekends as there will be more available tour guides and hosts).
  • + All the fees will be used to pay for the ingredients, for the host expenses (gas, oil,…) and the support for our cook. Our club doesn’t take any profit from the meal tour.
  • + You don’t have to bring anything along with. If you want to drink wine, feel free to bring it.
  • + The menu can be tailored to your preferences and/or requirements. However, please inform us in advance through your booking, by replying to our emails or directly with our guides.

TOP Reviews

Traditional Meal Tour

"As for the traditional meal tour, we took our meal into our own hands, and helped to prepare a traditional meal with a Vietnamese family. Sitting around the table, and having everyone reach for different combinations to add to your rice paper was an experience I will never forget. Thank you so much to the Saigon Hotspot team for making this trip as memorable as it was!"


Saigon Hotpot - Home visit

The home hosted meal was a wonderful experience. All of the students are hard working and personable. Meeting a family and hearing about their lives is an experience which cannot be matched - cannot be matched at any price !


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- Night: 5PM - 9PM

It's such an honour for Saigon Hotpot to accompany you in Saigon. However, all of your bookings must be submitted at least 5 days in advanced. In case of urgent requests (less than 5 days prior to your tour dates), please kindly direct your email to our Tour Operation Team at tour@saigonhotpot.com, or contact our Tour Operator via Whatsapp (+84 921 181 418)