[Culture Exchange] 2019 story: GOOD MORNING, VIETNAM!

hoang.nhung_mar_18 - July 18, 2019

Last month, a meaningful event has been organized by us Saigon Hotpot members: CULTURE EXCHANGE (CE). And the day wouldn’t have been that awesome without the VIP guests – our buddies from Florida International University (FIU)!

Featured the “share and learn” spirit in culture such as cuisine, language, festival and local Vietnamese lifestyle, CE has always been the most exciting, the most creative project and the “beloved child” of our Development Project team.


On this 2019 chapter, CE brought us and our old-but-new friends from FIU to “A daily life of a Vietnamese farmer” at Green Farm “Nông trang xanh”. We sure did “toil hard” like farmers LOL.

We started the day with the traditional games:

Gánh hàng rong/Vendor sellers coming throughhhhh.

“Cướp cờ/Capture the flag” with some interesting change: Instead of using your feet, now you have to use stilts to move around! Even us students found it hard, guess who won the game?

And who would skip the cooking contest if you were aiming for the Vietnamese cuisine? Sizzling cake, Spring roll, Summer roll, Beef and betel leaves? We rock it all!

Making grasshopper with coconut leaf was definitely cool experiences. Not many of us students experienced this before, now us and our friends get to try it together. Happiness doubled!

We exchanged ideas, we learnt from each other country. For us, this was a precious memory. We are so glad we got to know and befriend with the lovely, sweet and kind students from FIU. The best support to our effort was their enthusiasm and excitement. Cheers to our international friendship!

And that’s our CE 2019 story for the last May.

See you guys in the next update.

Nhung Nguyen.

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