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Providing local companion as a friendly experience for tourists has been an inspiration to not only SGHP but also many travel agencies, including Trapol – our new lovely friend from Japan – the land of the rising sun.



Trapol – newly founded by The Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc., operates in form of a new tourism service, with the mission to connect Japanese tourists with local people all over Vietnam in general and from Ho Chi Minh City in particular. Through sharing the same community values, we are fortunate enough to know each other, and together we got the chance to strengthen our strong points, to mutually overcome our weaknesses and the difficulties currently exist and in the future.


Apart from Saigon Hotpot, Trapol operation is based on a whole new creative idea: bringing a unique “connect” way through an exclusive personality multiple-choice test system, then Japanese tourists will be connected with the most suitable local companion. Moreover, visitors will give their companion a gift worth of ¥3,000 as a way to show thankful appreciation, a memory-gift for the remarkable journey, as well as a delicate way to encourage volunteers to participate in this activity.

For the record, this will be a local trip based on friendships – which bond between foreigners and the natives, to truly discover the unique, local people and destinations.

If you are a fan of hanging out and interacting with Japaneses, both culture and language, let’s create your own journey by clicking on for the most awesome and informative journey.


Written by: Trang – Nhung – Hoang

Designed by: Hoang

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